Sunday, June 28, 2020

Indian Mutiny Sharpes Practice

This was a 70 point game using the first scenario in the Sharpes Practice rule book.

Both the forces of Major Charles Wutherington Inbred-Smyth of the 19th regiment, and the rebels under their leader Ram Ditin deployed from the centre of the table. This suited Inbred-Smyth, who could dominate the open terrain with British Enfield rifles, and came as a shock to Ram Ditin who had hoped to skulk amongst the rocks or the jungle.

Ram Ditin depolys from the elephant of a friend;y local Raja.


  1. Lots of nice photos, no idea what is happening. No doubt very like a real action, but I like something to read about. Takeaway: a word is worth a thousand pictures.

  2. Great looking game- I always love your terrain- especially your mats!

  3. What a marvellous looking game. Beautiful figures. Any game with elephants on the table is a good one!
    Regards, James