Sunday, June 28, 2020

Indian Mutiny Sharpes Practice

This was a 70 point game using the first scenario in the Sharpes Practice rule book.

Both the forces of Major Charles Wutherington Inbred-Smyth of the 19th regiment, and the rebels under their leader Ram Ditin deployed from the centre of the table. This suited Inbred-Smyth, who could dominate the open terrain with British Enfield rifles, and came as a shock to Ram Ditin who had hoped to skulk amongst the rocks or the jungle.

Ram Ditin depolys from the elephant of a friend;y local Raja.

Black Ops in San Theodoros

We played this game using Osprey's Black Ops rules. The scenario was cobbled together just before the game.

New oil deposits have been found in the tiny South American country of San Theodoros. The Presidente, Alejandro Caliente, looks like he is going to grant concessions the Blue Lotus corporation. The international community is not pleased, and various powers intervene, in particular the British. This has nothing to do with the long-standing British South-American Petrol's interests in the area, but nevertheless Royal Marines land and start to take control of vital assets.

Presidente Alejandro pleads with Blue Lotus to get him to safety, and they contract the Implement firm of private military contractors (who many be looking for a new marketing department).

Late at night, a four car convoy heads to a seduced airport, but are warned of a roadblock ahead. The cars pull up, and consulting a map shows the airport can also be reached cross county, that being the far end of the table in the picture below.

Everyone piles out of the cars. The portly figure of Alejandro can be seen next to his assistant Veronica, (rumoured to account for 0.8% of the aid budget). Also running to the front of the car is the president's trusty personal bodyguard, Hector.

The fugitives have a few choices here.  They can get back in their cars and drive across the bridge or they can sneak across country. Not knowing if the bridge is guarded, Hector chooses the latter course. He can be seen leading the way here.

The river line is guarded; four militia from the San Theodoran Independent Territory Syndicate (SHITS) are patrolling back and forth.

The party slows down to sneak silently through the dark woods.

Near the bridge, someone has built a lookout. Inside it, is a Royal Marine with a GPMG. Getting to the airport is going to be harder than expected.

The party sneak up to the river and prepare to cross (crossing the river makes noise)

So the party could try to sneak across the river and deal with the militia, or... lie low till the Royal Marine in the watchtower is facing the wrong way, and come out with all guns blazing. Yeah, lets do that.

The unfortunate militia, and the British Tommy in the watchtower are cut down in a blaze of close range fire, they never stood a chance. The noise wakes up Sergeant Weasel, who rouses the rest of this squad. Turns out they were all in the huts furthest away from the bridge, and a team of the PMCs, led by Hanson, keeps them suppressed there for the rest of the action.

Seeing this, Hector rushes the presidential party over the bridge in the other direction, and behind a small guardhouse.

The guardhouse was guarded by a single Royal Marine, who tosses a grenade out the window, injuring Hector.

The PMC's medic rushes over and lays suppressing fire though the window, before checking Hector. He is wounded and won't make this fight but will thankfully pull through. We can only hope Veronica paid his health insurance premium.

One of the PMCs escorts the rest of the Presidential party towards the awaiting airplane, and freedom. Seargent Weasel has not given up yet. Dodging intense fire from three sides, he makes it to the house in a bid to detain the president.

The PMC however covers the doorway with fire from his Minimi,and el Presidente makes it to the airport. His last words before boarding a Blue Lotus Jet was "I wil return"
I was pleased with how Black Ops handled this scenario.

We did make a couple of house rules, and cannot understand how you handle suppressing fire aimed at an area. If anyone knows I could use a tutorial.

Bonus points to anyone who can spot the references to which fictional character.