Friday, February 28, 2014

I have decided to paint a Rhodesian Buffel since I have Rhodesian troops. Although I must say I was tempted by the white United Nations ones from Uganda.
The paint scheme the use is more like the one used for aircraft than the usual green and yellow for vehicles.
The Rhodesians' only had two Buffels, so this is one of them. The Buffel is painted, and the windows are on... or in
 Here are the results of the final dry brushing
I think I will do something with the straps that hold soldiers in the back seats, and then some size comparison shots with 28mm soldiers.


  1. I'm incredibly impressed this is wood and card- great stuff!

  2. Really nice! Such an unusual vehicle.

  3. Same here, I was quite impressed with the original manufacturer wip pics, but you've made it look even better... nice!