Saturday, March 1, 2014

The finished Buffel

The Buffel is finished now and here it is in the bush. Not my best paint job, but it will have to do.
 Here is the Buffel with some Eureka 28mm Rhodesians jogging along side. What do we think of the scale? Too small, too big, or just right?
The Rhodesians got lost and tiered. Here they are taking a ride in the Buffel (I made the seats detachable) and asking directions from some locals
 Here is a shot with a 1:56 Force of Arms Panhard 90.
The verdict. Building this was fun. It is almost a miracle how all the parts fit together. It took about three hours to build. Despite being mostly paper, the kit is very strong.

I am not sure about the scale against my 28mm soldiers. But the Buffel was a tall vehicle, so as long as it is not next to anything I think this will get some 'table time' in games of Flying Lead as a terrain piece.


  1. It looks great, nice job!

    It is a touch too big, the top of a typical bloke's head should be roughly in-line with where the 'V' shaped hull ends and the slab sides start. The tyres should be at about waist-level.

    It looks like the kit is scaled at about 1/48, instead of around 1/55 to suit the Eureka figures. Personally I wouldn't let the size of the vehicle worry me for gaming though, but if it matters to you, swap the wheels for some smaller ones and it will lose some height.

  2. Cracking good job Mac!!

    Great photo composition's a bugger that Buffel is slightly out of scale (1/48-ish)...I measured this model last week Jim!

    ...still, looks good if only a couple are used on the table I'd say.

    Good job!

    Happy Wanderer