Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Building a paper Buffel

 As more pieces of cards get folded, the vehicle looks more lie a Buffel and less like a paper circuit diagram.

Here it is nearly finished looking quite Buffelish

I have left the window frames off for now as I am going to try to put 'glass' in them. I think the contrasting materials will make it look better.

Some of the folds help the model along, while others didn't quite look right. A few dabs of my 'ol friend Timber Mate fills these in.
Next the vehicle heads off to the spray booth.


  1. Very nice! The wheel construction is an excellent idea.

    I am somewhat reminded of Cpl. Jones' Butchers van. ;-)

  2. Looks great! Amazing what you can do with MDF and cardboard. And I have to second Simon, the wheel construction is a brilliant idea and looks quite convincing.