Monday, July 14, 2008

Trall game 2: establish a perimeter

Previously, a reconnaissance  verified the existence of the Bugblatter beasts on Trall. The fact that the patrol suffered 80% casualties testified the the deadliness of the beasts' claws.

The troopers are now ordered to establish a base of operations in a deserted terraforming station.

The ruins can been seen in the centre of the picture above. The mobile infantry troopers need to secure four of the "bug holes" that surround the ruins (see below).

The troopers cautiously edge towards the ruins
"Watch those corners..."

Bugblatter beasts file out of their holes.
Sergeant Raphael guards a bug hole, three more to go.
The beasts lurk, awaiting the chance to pounce.

The beasts infiltrate through gullies on all sidesThe troopers flame the ruins before occupying themThe beasts can afford to wait

The troopers create a bastion in the ruins and defend the position with flamers and deadly crossfire zones, but the ammunition can't last forever.The troopers are cornered...

... literally.

Eventually the beasts break through the perimeter

Heroic Trooper Pradeep charges out to confront the beasts
He shoots down three in a row
When his gun jams, two more attack Pradeep from the flank, killing him.
It is clear that this is bug's point, and the remaining troopers retreat back to the landing ship. The Hive Queen Stevens rejoices.

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