Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Third action on Trall

The troopers previous attempt to establish a base on Trall met with abject failure. Reinforced to three squads the Federation command orders the troopers to try again.

The rules are Space Hulk, the scenario is Establish a Perimeter. Stevens, the Bugblatter queen (the bugs) rolled a 2 for reinforcements so only got 20 blips (2 per turn) for this game.

The Trooper's objective is to block off four of the six "bug holes" that surround the ruined terra-forming station in the centre (see below). 

The Bugblatter beasts objective is... well who understands the beasts anyway.
The trooper feel much more confident with the extra squad.
And as an experiment, the Troopers took a rocket launcher. Given this game is in the open air, we allowed the rocket launcher to fire indirectly at ranges beyond 12 squares. The beasts were allowed move the a rocket's impact point 1D10 squares away from the target; the troopers could then move it 1D6 back towards the original target square. This made it a widely inaccurate weapon, the only thing it hit all game was a trooper (who luckily survived being hit on the head with a crack misile).
Narrow and twisty passages made the trooper nervous. As do the random missile salvoes from the rear.
...the beasts were sure to be prowling around.
Flamers block off likely bug entry points.
The trooper have got three of the four bug holes covered.
Bugs break through the cordon, killing a trooper, but are quickly mown down by gunfire...
... the trusty flamers mop most of the rest.
The troopers make a break for on the of the southern bug-holes but two beasts incredibly survive flamer fire and wipe out this detachment.
Its more than a neo-dog can bear. I don't have rules for neo-dogs, so this one brought up the rear.
All this activity to the south, has left a hole to the north undefended

Sergeant Raphael make a run for the bug hole, and with four holes sealed, the troopers win.
Next game is "Defending the Perimeter".

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