Monday, June 30, 2008

The massacre on Trall 1

Terramormers on the planet Trall 1 have been reporting attacks from mysterious creatures they call the Bugblatter Beasts. A platoon sets out to patrol the hills leaving two squads commanded by 1st Lt. Jenaway and 2nd Lt. Jenaway in reserve. Over the "com" they hear the platoon being masacared and decide to retreat to the landing ship.

This game was fought using SpaceHulk 1st edition rules (with 2nd edition Flamer rules).

Here the two squads start marching through heavy terrain to the landing ship.

Its not to far to safety

"I think we can get through this way!"

Fire-team Jenaway picks up the pace.

When suddenly... "bullets just bounce off 'em sir"

2nd Leutenent Jenaway orders his squad to find another route.

As a percaution they flame the path behind them.

"This place crawls", there are Bugblatter Beasts in front of them now.

The troopers fight heroically, caught on film by the "inserted" cameraman from FedNet news

The beasts break through the defensive ring, and this is the last image from the cameraman.

The squads' last stand was not recorded on camera, but their remains show they fought to the last bullet.

The Jenaways (elder and junior played the marines). The hive queen, for reasons incomprehensible to humans, was simply called: Stevens.

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