Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mammoth Hunt battlesworn

This game is set in Doggerland about 15,000 years ago. The matriarch of a mammoth heard must get her whole family safely off the table. The leader of the otter tribe must kill at least one mammoth to feed his people. This game was played using the quixotic but immensely fun Battlesworn rules from Ganrsha Games

Here is a typical part of Doggerland, now under the North Sea, but then a flat but fertile plain.

The Manus do what mammoth do in summer time, they eat.

Also inhabiting this part of Doggerland is a rather grumpy Cave Bear. He hates noise in his backyard and will attack anyone making too much of it.

The mammoth are restless, they smell something unusual in the air.

It's a fire started by the clan battle made. The members will not willingly go anywhere near a fire.

The leader of the clan makes his plan of attack.

Some of the hunters attack the female members from both sides.

They're angry matriarch deals out terrible damage.

The plan, which was to isolate the baby mammoth, seems to be working.

At this point, the Cave Bear get all riled up and starts attacking the hunters.

This still leaves one Hunter free to chase the vulnerable baby.

The mammoth matriarch is still dishing out hurt to the impudent hunters.

The Cave Bear continues to rampage to the rear of the hunters.

While the females attack the hunters from the front.

Aargh the acrobat has a go at the baby mammoth, will there be mammoth steaks for dinner tonight?

The matriarch continues to send hunters flying left and right.

At last the leader grabs the baby mammoth by its tail. However, it is too late. The clan have had enough punishment for one day, they turn tail and run for home, hungry, once again.


  1. The table looks huge! Was terrain delineated by the hexes?

  2. The tribe must be getting very hungry!
    Perhaps they should take on something that they might defeat... I understand berries don't put up much of a fight!
    All the best - David

  3. I like the idea of your scenario a lot. Your terrain and miniatures look fantastic.

    I have never played Battlesworn. Maybe I should give it a try.
    Regards, Karl