Sunday, November 8, 2015

This is not a test, well it is actually

I recently bought a copy of This is Not a Test by Worlds End Publishing. Before anything else, let me say that for an independently published set of rules the quality of the graphic design is exceptional.

In this game you buy a gang from different themed factions, Mine was a regular faction, the Adelaide Arcology Constabulary (AKS Peacekeepers) patrolling the ruins of the crumbling city from my opponents, water starved raiders from the northern deserts.

Below are the ruins of Rundle Mall.

And here are Lt. Earl Walker and officer Dizzy Flores examining the ruild of old Adelaide.

Not much left.

Once grand shopping centers reduced to rubble.

Here and there evidence of people (unableto get residence in the arcology) eking out a precarious existence among the ruins.

The Peacekeepers truck pulls inot the far end of the mall.

The Peacekeepers send their dogs ahead to scout.
The Goss, the K-9 handler whistles them onwards.

The dogs have found the Wastelanders, and what a desperate the ugly bunch they are.

The Wastelanders take up position along one end of the Mall
The Peacekeepers along the other end.

The Peacekeepers are on the loosing end of the firefight, so the dogs are send through an old shopping centre to outflank the Wastelanders. A dog takes out one of the raiders, but heavy fire takes a terrible toll on the Peacekeepers who decide to fall back to the Arcology to regroup
Leaving the raiders to pick over the detritus of the once great city.

A good game, and a good set of rules.