Monday, August 31, 2015

Frostgrave in Thawgrave

As mentioned previously. I have no idea how to do snow. So here is Frostgrave after the thaw. The center of this 3 foot square section  is Frostgrave is a large temple.

Of some weird and ancient architecture.

 But also including some of the poorer quarters.

 The temple was used to worship alien gods. Perhaps an early form of Mitra.

And haunted tombs.

And wierd statues.

This was a wizard I bought that was too large, so I petrified it. I think of this as the deified Gandalf.

 The ruined temple can now be accessed in many places where the walls have crumbled.

Here also can be found the tombs of kings. Surely a good place to loot.

Here are some pictures of a game I had with Lester bin Lester. Below is my wizard, Doctor Dee with - what this- a young Solomon Kane as a knight.

 Solomon has bought a shipload of his thugs.

Doctor Dee's apprentice leads his own groups of thugs and archers into the temple.
 Who advance understandable trepidation.
 In the blue turban we see Lester bin Lester coming from the opposite direction.

Unaware, as yet that two hungry dogs are on his trail.

Doctor Dee's archers cover this way...

...and that.

While Solomon's thugs find treasure in an old Troll hut.

Meanwhile Lester bin Lester's men and women fight off the dogs.

Taking advantage of the canine distraction, Doctor Dee explores the temple.

The dogs having been disposed of. Lester's warband beat up on my archers.
 Run away!

Doctor Dee's warband is taking casualties
 ...who cares, we are also making off with most of the treasure.

 While Solomon Kane holds off the rest of Lester's warband.


  1. Frostgrave does seem to be the flavour of the month. Love your temple.

  2. Great looking temple and nice to see the Tudors getting an outing.

  3. Gorgeous.Taming do 'snow' in paste and paint format.

  4. Excellent report, we are in the heart of the action with these splendid photos, very atmospheric!

  5. What a beautiful game. I like that it's not a snowy.