Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spectre miniatures game: Africa 1989

Lieutenant Al-fonso and I had another playtest of the Spectre Miniatures beta rules. This was a custom scenario set in the early 1989 as a Portuguese peacekeeping force intervene in the fictional state of Maroubra. The Portuguese have been ordered to get documentary evidence of Cuban intentions. The objective below is a M.U.M.P.S (Marxist United Maroubran Peoples syndicate) base camp.

The area is filled with civilians (on the round bases). MUMPS Guerrillas can spawn out of these bases as long as there are no Portuguese within 6 inches.

A minor objective is to search for documents, maybe in this desk (a minor objective).

Or on this computer... The portly gentleman is Macimbo; a MUMPS commander who's capture is the major objective.

The Portuguese Rules of Engagement state that they cannot fire on civilians. In effect, if the Portuguese take a shot that intersects with a civilian base, the MUMPS gain a minor objective.

Some local ladies out for a walk (or are they)

In addition, if a Portuguese officer can reach one of the hilltops and spend a turn on one of these markers, he gains valuable intel (and a minor victory).

The Portuguese will have to advance through ruins

...and dirty laundry

Nevertheless, the Portuguese Fusilaros are not deterred, they have an APC to back them up. Since there are no rules for vehicles yet, the M113 did not move.

A medium machine gun team awaits Alfonso's orders.

All right, it looks as though the Portuguese are ready to move out. Watch those cows, watch those cows.
Lots of cover makes Alfonso nervous

As the Portuguese advance, the first MUMPS fighters appear in a field.

Each turn, a dice is rolled and the result is the number of MUMPS fighters that appear. For each fighter, a six could have a LMG, a RPG, or be a leader.

More fighters start infiltrating near the river

...and take up position to protect the buildings

The Portuguese weapons team takes up a position in the river.

Assault teams advance more rapidly.

They fire and take down a MUMPS fighter.

A shot that lined up with a civilian base, Alfonso, you cold hearted cad. That cost you a minor victory, and in twenty years, when war crimes tribunals are formed - we will remember.

Advancing through the cows doesn't seem all that professional either, but compared with shooting at unarmed civillians...

Alfonso (in the cap) tried to distract his men from his questionable deeds with light-hearted banter: "I once knew this girl in Oporto who..."

While more fighters infiltrate into the town

The bullets fly thick and fast.

More and more MUMPS freedom fighters start to pile the pressure on.

Although accurate Portuguese fire makes them keep a respectful distance.

Slowly the Portuguese training begins to tell; here.

...and here

Although the Portuguese are somewhat beset with wounds and cannot advance till they are patched up.

At last. the Portuguese get moving towards their objective

MUMPS fighters keep shooting for the freedom of their homeland

...and getting shot at

...and some do not shoot back any more.

The Portuguese advance up the road as far as the central house,

Surprising Macimbo, who, despite his girth, nips through the back door just  in time.

Nevertheless, the bookcase is full of interesting documents, (such as Maroubran Banana Production estimates for 1990).

Macimbo, takes a breather

Meanwhile a light machine gun team take up position behind these vehicles. This team lays down a steady fire that causes the enemy no end of trouble.

Indeed the Fuzileros 'hit the dirt' badly wounded and crying 'medic'.

Allowing more MUMPS fighters to infiltrate.

Even Alfonso's head is down.

The machine gun team eventually get a kill.

But this computer yields its secrets. does this drawer. Mmm, Cuban cigars.

The MUMPS fighter just keep coming though, some even getting into hand-to-hand combat.

It is time for the Portuguese to withdraw.

The Portuguese gained some valuable intelligence, and thinned the MUMPS ranks.

In the end though, their retreat without capturing Macimbo, nor reconnoitring the hills left the MUMPS in possession of their base camp. Alfonso's decision to shoot at indiscriminately at Civilians made the operation a draw.

Verdict, the Spectre rules supported this operation very well.


  1. Very enjoyable report. Excellent scenery and figures too.

  2. Great game and after action report. A great period to game! Nice figures and terrain.