Saturday, June 7, 2014

Songs of Blades and Heroes in the future

Well, if you are going to do a science fiction wargame, there is no point in fighting through a complex rules that simulate something we can no nothing about. May as well keep it simple, and rules don't get much simpler that Songs of Blades and Heroes.

It was a battle of the franchises with Mark's Trade Federation versus my Starship Troopers (we heard that service guarantees citizenship). By in large the Trade Federation droids has high Q, while the Troopers have high C and longer-ranged weapons.

The one deviation from the standard rules, borrowed from Flying Lead, was that groups can be formed by characters within a short distance of each other, instead of in base to base contact.

The battle took place around an army camp guarding a road.

Because roads still need to be guarded, even in the future, if the Trade Federation is to peddle its tacky wares. The APC is a terrain piece since the Troopers seem to have lost the keys at some point.

SoBH is a thinking game, and here I am thinking.

With careful planning, and good dice rolls, I get into the camp before the Trade Federation get to move much at all. Here two troopers take a breather before engaging the metal menaces before us.

As mentioned, the battle programming in the Trade Federation robots is a bit wonky, and they have barely moved.

It used to be thought robots didn't have a sense of humour; not true. Here we can see a transport shaped like a giant 21st century mouse. Hilarious.

Nevertheless, lest we be forced to take tons of useless $2 trade goods, the troopers need to get into the fight.

They take up various positions of good cover around the camp to await the attack of the droids.

Who eventually get moving; here their heavy hitting... crab... thing, finally starts to advance.

Corporal Rico is not afraid of Crab Things (just red-heads).

The trade federation droids get over their software glitch and start to advance through the camp.

The Marauder Suit is on overwatch (or I can't decide what to do with it, take your pick).

However, the troopers have formed a strong defensive line within the camp...

...from which to engage the Droid's.

Despite all this, she still hasn't moved.

"Here they come!" a firefight erupts.

"Kill them, kill them all" cries Rico! "Technically, they aren't alive, sir" observes a nit-picking trooper. Hopefully he won't get citizenship.

The droids are using their 'outflank' routine.

While pinning down the centre with heavy fire.

Time to bring up the reserves from behind that APC.

Before they can engage, one trooper is overrun; just horrible.

Droids inside the perimeter

Marauder suit and crab-thing observe each other with cautious respect. Then the crab-thing takes a long range shot at that malingerer.

Who takes a hit (just goes to show lurking isn't any safer than fighting).

Rico goes down to a droid charge.

.meaning all the remaining troopers fail their morale tests and leg it. (apparently being forced to take shoddy cheap consumer products IS better than death).

All flee; except one trooper, secure in in a Marauder suit. This is going to be interesting...

The Marauder jogs around the camp's perimeter, taking pots shots at droids along the way.

Its too fast to catch, and too armoured to take shooting damage.

The droids' programming didn't allow for this.

Eventually, with two failed activation rolls, all the remaining droids manage to bring down the Marauder suit. Trade Federation transports start to land with two dollar tacky plastic statuettes of the emperor.



  1. Great looking game, good to see the MI getting an outing against some one other than bugs:-)

  2. That's the problem with Song of Blades - your leader is great until he gets taken out, and then everyone runs for the hills! Makes targeting the other team's quarterback a priority, if you ask me!