Saturday, June 29, 2013

1860's Naval

Another project. This is is 1860's naval convict between two South American Imaginations: San Theodora and Nuevo Rico. Both have been buying ships from the USA post the American Civil War.

Here a an going Iron Clad, the San Andreas leads two Sloops out of harbour
The models are 1:600 from Thoroughbred Models. If you have been these in the pewter, they are very close to perfection. In fact I have had these for a year, but I have been too scared to paint them.

Anyway, I finally bit the bullet. The only way I could think of getting into the amazing detail out of these ships was to dip them. So that is what I did, before attaching the masts, dipped first the bow, and then aft, and then I prayed for a decent outcome. All in all I am content with the results.
Two Nuevo Rican sloops, the San Marco and the San Jacinto looking for commerce and looking for trouble


  1. Very nice! Do you intend to rig them?

  2. I though I would get the complete set painted, and then take a deep breath before doing any rigging