Monday, January 7, 2013

Trying the new Ultra Fubar

Mark Stevens and I wanted to try the new Ultra Fubar rules being proposed by their author. For a while I have wanted to see if I could bolt-on the scenario generator from the Mongoose Rules "Battlefield Evolution". So this is what we did.
We made up two armies of a nominal points value (Fubar has a poinsts system somewhere I just need to find it). I took an elite army of Turks, Stevens took a green army of Rebels with one seasoned unit. As will be seen this was not a fair matchup.

I chose the attack tactic, Stevens chose defence. In the Battlefield Evolution system that meant I had the Overun scenario, where I had to acheive the following.
  • Bonus: Full value of every unit you have in the enemy deployment area at the end of the game regardless of its remaining strength in models.
  • Penalty: Deduct the full value of every one of your units that still has models within your deployment area at the end of the game.
Stevens got the Last Stand scenario (where the force is divided into two groups, one group coming on table on turn three).
  • Bonus: You will receive the full Value of every friendly unit that survives the game above half strength.
  • Penalty: Lose full Value of every friendly unit completely wiped out.
The scenario has my Turkish army (of the year 2049) on the left, attacking Stevens' rebels on the right.

A unit of Stevens' rebels have the protection of a bunker, and the scary addition of an RPG team and a dog (with a frickin' lazer on its head).

In the centre the rebels have poistioned a seasoned unit, backed up with a mortar team.

The rebels are faced with a unit of Janissaries in the building near the road.

The Turkish leader is here to make sure the rebels are shown no mercy. He is flanked by a camera man to record the carnage for Ankara holo-vision.
Losing the initiative early on, the Janisarries receive some harassing mortar fire, here we see a supressed Janissary.

The secenrio says get into the rebel deplloyment zone, so a Janisarry fire team supporting a Walker moves out on my left flank. The Walker is a light armoured vehicle with a heavy machine gun and a mortar.

For some reason, the rebels leave the safety of their bunker, and head for some woods.

And in the cover of these woods they will remain. Insead of the normal FUBAR line of sight rules, I prefer the Crossfire "you can see into terrain but not through it system".

Having crossed into rebel territory, the Walker seems to be at a loss for what to do next.

The Turks arrived in an APC with a Mortar on the roof. This tries to unsuccesfully bully the rebels out of their woody refuge.

Turn three, and the rebel reinforcements arrive on the left flank. They charge right into the awaiting Janissarys. Right into the 'reactive fire' that is part of the new rules.

What's this, more rebels. Making their activations roll the second rebel squad gets to move and fire; getting a supression for their trouble. 

Activating, the Janissary fire-team (and the Walker) fire mercilessly into the rebel human wave.

The battle on the left flank continues...

While the rebels can get supressions, they can't get any kills. The janissary's on the other hand put up a withering fire, decimating the rebels.

The rebel attack falters.

Turn five, and the Turkish APC, moves into the rebel deployment zone completing a crushing victory on turn six.

How did Ultra Fubar go? Well much better than expected, it's a keeper Mr. Craig Cartmell (but I need a points system).

The Battlefield Evolution scenario generator (from page 116 of the rules) works well.

The game was hopelessly unbalanced in favour of the Turks, they should have been rated as Veteran, not Seasoned (and my apologies to Mr. Stevens for that). I will get a points sytem and we will try it again.

Having said that, I think given the rebel's victory conditions, they should have run onto the right flank and spent three turns dodging through the woods instead of attacking elite troops head on.

By the way, the "War of the 2040s" setting is from George Friedmans Book "The next 100 years"

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