Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maroubra Popular Liberation Front

I wasn't going to do this; honestly. 

But when I was confronted by the Eureka Zanla range at MOAB this year I couldn't, and didn't resist. Below are the painted results of having bought two of the "we don't want to be vertically enveloped" deals. Although purists should note there are a couple of head-swaps.

They are on a flexible basing system pioneered by Rolf Grein, and these will be used for a range of rules: Combat Cards, Crossfire, FUBAR or Cold War Commander.

Below is the first platoon.
 This is what they look like off their bases.
  Here is the second platoon.
 Here are the some of the bases
 This is the executive mansion guard.
 This is a platoon commander, showing off his new watch.
 The whole gang... so far.

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