Monday, January 3, 2011

Russian Civil War Reds: so far

It seems everyone in the hobby has a back-of-beyond army; here are pictures of mine.

This Red Army division is used for various rules systems:
  1.  Hordes of the Things (yes it does work)
  2. Contemptible Little Armies (but not anymore)
  3. Black Powder (I know its the wrong period, the rules just seem to work, especially if all Russian units are rated unreliable)

Firstly, the obligatory red sailors.

Here is a Red gun taking a breather while they try to remember what they did with the firing pin.

The mysterious Siberians; who can aim, apparently.

The red cavalry, doing their best in difficult circumstances.

Bolsheviks do everything en masse

A red machine gun detachment lurks in the rubble

A red horde

A tchenka in a hurry.

Trotsky expounds on the advantages of going left. Used a magician in HoTT.

A spy looks for more fuel for her plane. Often a sneaker in HoTT.

A soviet in session, no doubt.

Trying to have it both ways. Single bases and 60mm HoTT bases.


  1. Very nice work.. lovely Tchanka.. 28mm??

    Which rules set do you plan to gme with?

    Kind regards

  2. Well,I don't have a Back of Beyond army........yet that is!Very nice work on all of it.Keep them coming.


  3. Black Powder is the front runner so far

  4. Oh please! Don't make me envious! Too late, you have.

    Great work.