Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swashbucklers army review

A friend of mine has a conquistador "Hordes of the Things" army. For years I have been threatening to "singe his beard" with a complementary English "sea dog" army. As a Scot, I feel I deserve some credit for doing an English army. Here are the first 48 points.

First up, Captain deBarandiston (who is an ancestor of mine on my mother's side) the flag is the family coat of arms.

 Here are the guys making off with the spanish loot.

What is this? A catholic priest in a staunchly anglican army. This must be a sneaker spy.

This a gentlemen adventurer "pippin frogmorton" with a ready sword (and no brains) makes this a Paladin on HoTT terms.

Another gentleman adventurer out for Spanish loot. This one is a hero.

Here is a pike block to keep the cavalry at bay.

What English army would be without archers.

Staunch, rotund and very English, here are the billmen.

The very latest in sixteenth-century military technology, here are the muskets and arquebus boys.

Lastly, of course, a "shippes gonne"!


  1. Inspirational. You do lovely work mate. I'm trying to get into Reivers and Elizabethans so this gives me something to aim at. Keep it up.

  2. Very nice HOTT army indeed. Great paint!

  3. Awesome army. Would you be interested in selling this one, or one like this one, along with a 48 pt HOTT enemy???? If not, great job and awesome army anyways. Please contact me at

    Kind regards


  4. Any guidance you can offer on the flags or a manufacturer?
    I am just starting to build my own forces and the flags for the English and the Spanish is a little thin on the ground.