Thursday, December 31, 2009

Breaking News in the Near Future - a very short game

This was our fourth game of Breaking News ( ) by those Italian marvels at Dadi e Piombo.

I don't like playing any form of conflict that lies within living memory. So we have pushed this game into the "near future". The scenario is based around some South Australian neo-luddites (who refuse to be micro-chipped) being attacked by Federal special forces.

The neo-luddites fight for freedom under their battle cry of " keep the bastards honest! Unless you live in Australia, don't even try to understand that one.

The Federal Special forces unit is commanded by the notorious Lieutenant Josehpus T. Bear. A man so callous that he one lost a game of Breaking News by shooting an embedded journalist in front of an independent one. He lost by over 100 points, but didn't care. Nor, apparently did this commanders because he still has his commission.

...but anyway...

Here is the neo-luddite village.

Their bunker: I wonder what is inside?

No sign of the Federal special forces, but the embedded cameraman on the building bodes ill.

H must know something, but the neo-luddites ignore him.

The Feds are out there, but to the east, or the west?

The neo-luddite leader semms to have been to a fancy dress shop in Rundle Mall recently.

Suddenly a Federal special forces man appears on a roof top.

He opens fire with rockets; pinning the nearest neo-luddite freedom fighters. The evil Joshephus T Bear can be seen in the background plotting some new devilry.

... and there it is! The federal special forces infiltrate behind enemy lines.

On burst of rifle fire and the neo-luddite leader is down

Now totally confused the neo-luddites mill about.

Fire comes from special forces, pinning freedom fighters left and right.

A Federal sniper looks for another target.

The neo-luddites loom for the sniper.

They make a break for the flanks, but without their leader the Special Forces always get into good firing position first.


Firing from the bunker a neo-luddite captures a glimpse of a helmet, and fires wildly.

One Federal casualty.

Without leadership the neo-luddites don't get another move in, and are picked off one by one.

Curse you Josephus T. Bear!

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