Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1708 - Battle of Duns

This game is set in Fife, Scotland in 1708, when a French army landed with King James the 2nd and 8th (if you are a Tory or the old pretender if you are  Whig). Historically the French beat a hasty retreat when the Royal Navy turned up. 

Not in this scenario though, the British have been joined by some Whig clans from the West highlands and are under the command of John Campbell Duke of Argyle, or red John of the battles.

The game was played using Basic Impetus with the "overwatch" rules added in.

The game begins in camp.

The armies are arrayed for battle - the confident Bavarian general looks on.

The French Army

The British Redcoats

The British advance. Note the Dutch Dragoons in the wood

French artillery makes the first kills

A crows eye view

Bavarian battalion awaits the outcome

The North British Fusileers

The French generals look perturbed, they really don't like being attacked.

A Dutch battalion advances to the British right flank.

Cavalry menace each other on the British left flank

The British attach on the right is running out of steam

Dutch Dragoons attack

The cavalry clashing on the left is the signal for the highlanders to advance

They charge into a French line battalion...

But the French push the highlanders back.

The highlanders at bay take terrible punishment from musket and canon.

The British canon reply, but to little effect at long range.

The French and holding up well on the right flank.

The cavalry melee is furious - but who is winning.

The French centre have fought off all but a few highlanders.

And the Bavarians are pushing back the British and Dutch battalions

Bavarian cuirassiers advance through their own lines to finish off the exhausted British foot.

The North British Fusileers hold despite the panic all around them.

But broken units all around them tell us the battle is over, the French have won.


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  1. Great report with very nice figures. A couple questions: Are the figures 28mm? And did you like the Impetus rules for this period?

    Again, thanks for some nice eye candy.